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By: Mark Glennon*

“Whoever sits in the Oval Office doesn’t get to decide whether we are happy or sad. wrote columnist Scott Reeder today. That’s up to each of us.” He goes on, “if you want change, don’t look in the ballot box. Look in the mirror.”


Speak for yourself, Mr. Reeder.


The 100 million American’s who watched the debate last night didn’t do it because they’re ignorant about what makes them happy. They don’t skip Monday Night Football for the hell of it. They’re livid. They’re furious about the problems and rabidly committed to solutions they think will work. Pick your side about which problems are worst and how to fix them, but don’t tell me people won’t or shouldn’t be happy or sad about which way it goes.


Trump and Clinton are radically different. Their only real common denominators are a) they’re both liars, and b) they’re both unsuited for office. But they’ll have profound impact on lives here and around the world. The first Supreme Court nomination, alone, will change the course of the country for a generation. Much of the world is descending into chaos, and their direction will mean life or death for many Americans and countless others we care about. Our state and local elections aren’t far behind in importance. Illinois and many of its towns and cities are in death spirals.


Happiness is self-bestowed and sadness is self-inflicted. Yeah, I understand, and maybe that’s what Reeder was trying to say. But that only goes so far when you live paycheck to paycheck and lose your job. Or when your kid goes off to war. Or when you hear gunshots every night while you hide in your home.


This election is the most important event for America since World War II. Don’t think happiness and sadness aren’t on the line.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.