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Comment: Special thanks to Joan Oh, on the other side, for being so gracious — in stark contrast to so many on her side who have sent us the most hateful, vile, intolerant emails imaginable.

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Jane Heron

Is it possible to have a 1-1 conversation via e-mail or phone or in-person with Mark Glennon? I am a 1957 alumna of NTHS who feels very sad about the way this controversy blown up. I lived in Winnetka from 1944 till college, 1957. It was not a diverse community, but it was open. Dr. King spoke at the Winnetka Village Green in 1965. Hundreds attended and applauded. If people had prejudices they shared them behind closed doors. (I know; I was a Jewish kid.) What’s happened to my neighborhood? Jane Salzman Heron, Chicago, 2-28-17


For every 86 of them, having 1 of us supporting your/our cause is just rewards…