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It should be safer even than mild public resistance—also, one would think, more effective within the institution—to use an administrative vote to stand up for intellectual diversity, or, say, to support an entirely appropriate faculty appointment deemed offensive by leftists. As did Northwestern University’s faculty senate. They voted strongly in favor of appointing retired general and former ambassador Karl Eikenberry head of the Buffett Institute for Global Studies before a radical minority stirred up enough opposition that he refused the position. The radicals again carried the day.

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John M. CAS \'74
I am a graduate of the College of Arts and Science, and recall enthusiastically how the entire NU community welcomed different viewpoints, new ideas and non-conformists in the early 1970’s. And that was not an easy time, with the Vietnam War winding down. I am stunned at what has happened to my alma mater. As a few items of protest, I am next week removing NU as a beneficiary in my will of some stock I had intended to gift. I just told my group of football fans to please leave me out of any games this fall or any booster support activities. And I am actively… Read more »
mark glennon

Well said, John. Ditto on everything you said. I was a few years behind you at CAS. I will have nothing to do with them and encourage all to do the same.