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March 4, 2013 By: Mark Glennon

Rich Miller at CapitolFax dug up some telling comments by Bruce Rauner from nine years ago. This speaks to the question of why he’s running; why a gazillionaire would want to run for office in Illinois:  Ego? Power? More money?  I’ve already chimed in my support for Rauner, but I think this is a useful addition because I believe it’s an accurate reflection of what he’s about. From Miller’s piece today:

[T]ake a look at this December, 2003 interview of Rauner by former Sun-Times columnist Dave Lundy. No link because it’s behind their archives wall…


Lundy: What are your goals over the next few years?


Rauner: I plan on continuing to work in our industry for a number of years. I love our business and would do it as a hobby. But it’s very important for me to have this social service element. And I want to continue to be more involved with my time as well as my money.


I know this will sound corny again, but I remember my grandfather saying, “Bruce, when you die, just make sure the world is a better place because you were here.” That’s just a huge issue for me. I don’t want to die and have people say, “Boy, he was a pretty good equity investor.” That’s nice, but it’s not what I want written on my tombstone.


He wasn’t totally consumed with making money. Yeah, he spent a whole lot of time doing it, but he also clearly wanted to do other stuff, even as far back as 2003.


Also, Rauner has said he will refuse to accept a salary if he’s elected governor. He doesn’t need the cash. He doesn’t want a state pension.


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