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“This is what we believe is actually needed; around $1 billion,” says a CTU organizer.

Comment: Good luck with that.

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Veteran teacher Monique Redeaux-Smith says, “We are tired of constantly having to give and give and give more; while the people who have it to give don’t give anything, and yet are able to rake in all the benefits from our labors.”

I’ll go out on a limb and say the “people who have it to give” give more than most yet rake in zero of the benefits from their “labors.” And yes, that was a quote from someone with a PhD. And yes, that means she’s on the top salary schedule.


Monique Redueax Smith is at the top of the Lane (college credits) but not Step (years of service) portion of the salary schedule in the 339 page 2012 – 2015 collective bargaining agreement for Chicago Public Schools.

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Monique Redeaux
Chicago Public Schools
2015 – $84,413
2014 – $80,310
2013 – $76,089
2012 – $71,235
2011 – $45,554
2010 – $54,547
2009 – $50,419
2008 – $46,185
2007 – $42,504
2006 – $38,851


One other point about the teacher salary schedules.
Some districts provide longevity pay to those whom are at the top of either steps, lanes, or both on the salary grid.
Just glancing at the salary schedule often does allow one to determine top pay in a school district.