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The Illinois State Board of Education released data last year that showed almost one in four CPS teachers missed 10 or more days of school a year—most of those teachers serving low-income areas of the city.

Comment: How dare CPS for questioning time spent on their political work.

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bob oriole park

In the private sector you’d be fired long before you missed that many days.


the article states that the CPS office of compliance budget has gone from $900K to $4.4M a year?, but gives no $ figure on the astronomical amount of $ spent on substitute teachers, sick days, FMLA days, etc,,, or if those expenditures are on the up-rise? Just hire more/ pay more. Efficient use of $ is never the issue. All city depts are the same. meanwhile, like most, at my chumbalone job I get 3 week paid– combined sick day/ vacation days a year–which blows.