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A new proposal to pay for fixing Illinois’ roads could use devices to track how far Illinois drivers have traveled and tax them by the mile. The plan from Senate President John Cullerton, a Chicago Democrat, is aimed at gasoline tax revenues that have fallen as drivers have bought more fuel-efficient cars.

Prius owners are the problem, he says.

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Wow this is my field, im an engineer currently developing telematics devices that track commercial trucks location, speed, diagnostics. This will happen at some point all travel on roads will be taxed by electronic tracking devices that come standard on the car. Certain roads will have varying rates, it will all be logged in big data servers in data centers. The real time tax data will flow over cellular, satellite or wifi connection in car. If connection is lost the device will still log the miles and gps, then dum the data the next time it can connect. I am actively designing and testing these systems for… Read more »
bob oriole park
When they say a base rate of 30K miles per year at 1.5 cents per mile for those that choose the less privacy invasive option that works out to $450 per year. Who besides a semi driver drives 30K miles per year? What is not addressed is this in lieu of the 30 cent gas tax increase that was reported last week? What about the 50% increase in vehicle registration fees that was part of that? Cullerton says a refund on gas taxes paid at the pump, does that mean having to mail a shoebox full of those little receipts, half of which fade in 6 months,… Read more »
Dr X

The last one out of the State turn off the lights. Are these people trying to drive people out of Illinois? Honest to God its time to stand up to these corrupt politicians.


Dr X, you know that wall trump is discussing? Madigan will be using the same team to build one around Illinois to stop all the taxpayers in.