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This fall, Purdue University undergrads will welcome two things: their parents waving goodbye and their tuition bills frozen for the fourth straight year — with a fifth tuition freeze coming for undergrads in 2017-18. Purdue under efficiency-wise President Mitch Daniels is showing colleges across the nation how to control costs, restrain tuition increases and still provide a quality education.

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Andrew Szakmary

Thanks largely to President Obama, we have had income-based repayment programs on federal student loans for many years. How does this fundamentally differ? I read the article and I see little difference, so why is this news? Let me see if I have this right: when a Democrat implements something good, the Tribune simply ignores it, and when a Republican implements something similar years later, it is lauded as being being innovative and amazing. And y’all complain of left-wing bias in the news media – you gotta be kddng me!