Thursday, July 27, 2017
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Recent Wirepoints Originals

One Chart Shows Awful Fiscal Trajectory of Chicago Area and Illinois – WP Original

And here's a promise: The trend will continue.

Education Funding Bill is a Monstrosity of Unknown Proportions – Wirepoints Original

Shame on everybody who has let SB1 get as far along as it has with such little understanding, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Rauner’s New Staff, Extremism and the Stockholm Syndrome – Wirepoints Original

That which can't pass the establishment in the General Assembly and its enablers in the press is "too radical" for Illinois.

The Importance of Being Scared (in Illinois) – WP Original

"If you are protected from dark things then you have no protection of, knowledge of, or understanding of dark things when they show up.”

New Financial Statements: Cook County Bleeding Red Worse Than Ever – Wirepoints Original

And check out the ten-year record of huge losses.

Outrageous Giveaway to Muni Bond Buyers Hidden in Massive Budget Bill – Wirepoints Original

We are being looted. The muni bond industry is going all out to keep raising the credit card limit and sucking every ounce of blood out to ensure it gets repaid.

The Many Ways Illinoisans Won’t Pay Higher Taxes – Wirepoints Original

It's not just that people are moving out.

Progress for Illinois? Here’s a Small Hint. – Wirepoints Original

Read this and guess where it's from.

Most House Members Don’t Know What’s in the $36 Billion Spending Bill Passed – Wirepoints Original

"We have no idea what's in it." - House Minority Leader Jim Durkin