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The state Supreme Court made a ruling recently that could send shock waves through the capitol amid this budget impasse and the Governor is already on the defense trying to make sure it doesn’t happen.

In the case of the union worker’s back pay, the Supreme Court said without an appropriation the raises couldn’t be paid out.

That argument could be used right now because there is no appropriation for state workers pay for the impasse.

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J.A. Herzrent
McQuillin The Law of Municipal Corporations April 2016 Update Chapter 39. FINANCIAL POWERS IN GENERAL V. Appropriations § 39:84. Necessity for appropriation The United States Constitution provides that: “No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law.” Similar provisions are contained in many of the state constitutions, and although generally not so broad, are found in statutes or charters in regard to funds of municipal corporations. Thus, it is sometimes provided that no money shall be paid out of the municipal treasury until appropriated by law,or that no debt or liability shall be incurred by a municipality unless an appropriation… Read more »
Downstate cynic

This is not just an employee issue.
There are billions of dollars owed to state vendors under contracts, that are not funded by appropriations by the legislators.
If the legislature never appropriates the funds then it would appear to a non lawyer there is no legal recourse for the businesses to recover money owed for services.


I’m sure the legislators, judges amd states attorney will get paid never the less.