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Of all the displays of political myopia and intolerance in the American academy over the past several years, this story may be the most astonishing: Students and faculty at Northwestern University have forced Karl Eikenberry—a retired three-star general and fellow at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies—to withdraw his appointment as head of a new global affairs institute on the Evanston campus on the grounds that he is a “career military officer.”

Ashamed to be an alum. Fuck you, Northwestern.

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Isn’t this the “Buffett Institute for Global Studies” started just last year with a $100M donation from Warren Buffett’s sister? Both Pritzker and Buffett donated $100M to NU last year, which means taxpayers subsidized about $30M each in tax deductions for two billionaires to a private institution.

If being a “career military officer” is grounds for dismissal, can taxpayers “dismiss” Northwestern’s tax exemption on their enormous $10B endowment and use that money to fund MAP grants.


Feel you pain Mark ! If my college………Occidental College in Los Angeles, had even surreptitiously released Obama’s fresh and soph yr transcripts along with his application that may have shown him as foreign applicant………maybe he wouldn’t have become Prez. And the Oxy Magazine had article in early ’08 by Professor Roger Boesche describing what a great student Barry was. Didn’t mention that Boesche was a Marxist sociology prof, and was Barry’s favorite prof