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According to the lawsuit, the non-compete agreements imposed by Jimmy John’s prevents employees during their employment and two years following employment from working at any business that earns more than 10 percent of its revenue from selling “submarine, hero-type, deli-style, pita, and/or wrapped or rolled sandwiches.” Any sandwich business within two miles of a Jimmy John’s store is also included in the non-compete.

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A. Tayles

This is really how I want all the lawyers in the AG’s office — who get salary , health benefits and pensions– to spend their time. It certainly is a priority– crack down on the submarine sandwich makers. Those sub sandwich guys really need to be taken to task. Who cares about Medicaid fraud, contractor fraud, Mike Madigan’s real estate tax business, pension fraud up the wazzou by school administrators. It’s the sub sandwich guys who we really need to spend our resources on. Think of all the benefits we get from this law suit? Like ???????