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By: Mark Glennon*

Allow comments or don’t, but if you do, don’t pretend you have an open comment system when in fact you’re deleting ones that criticize or don’t fit your narrative.

In the Illinois media, we have two conspicuous offenders.

First is Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax. Write a good challenge and your comment might not appear, especially if you use your own name, unlike the anonymous group that repeatedly writes there. I’ve been deleted while using my own name. Mike Lucci was deleted. Lucci is Gov. Rauner’s policy director and was earlier a VP at the Illinois Policy Institute — a significant voice, you would think, but not the kind of guy Miller would want messing up the picture he paints. Miller says he blocked Lucci to prevent him “from embarrassing himself.”

I got an email last week from a credible person I know who says Miller blocked a comment to the following effect:

“Does the union certify the candidate is qualified for employment? Does the union offer continuing education to make sure that employee succeeds at his job? Does the union offer scholarships to pursue higher education? If no, union membership shouldn’t be mandatory for state employment.”

Miller’s fans, evident in his comment section, are overwhelmingly public union members or supporters, so comments like that aren’t welcome.

Maybe Miller explained on Twitter why I was blocked, but I wouldn’t know because he blocked me there, too. Only a few others have blocked me on Twitter — Neil Steinberg, the far left Sun-Times columnist; Fred Klonsky, a radical union rights blogger; Eric Zorn, the Tribune’s liberal columnist; and the Illinois Education Association, a teachers’ union. You get the drift.

Then there’s the Springfield’s State Journal-Register which, too, has disproportionate public union membership among its readers. They’ve outright blocked Wirepoints from comments (though comments under my own name still appear). The person who wrote that email above also says he’s entirely blocked by the Journal-Register.

What did we do to earn banishment? Criticize public unions, we believe, and challenge the accuracy of some stories. That’s inexcusable. Legitimate reasons for blocking or deleting comments include racism, impersonation, profanity or outright dishonesty. Neither I nor the other blocked commenters, to my knowledge, was guilty of that.

Selectively deleting comments is among the ways of bias. It shields authors from criticism and distorts the sense of public opinion that comments provide. It’s dishonest and wrong.

Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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Illinois Review is also notorious for this. As a former municipal candidate, Republican Precinct Committeeman and lifelong Republican and conservative I decided not support Rauner in his bid for Government and posted my analysis and reasons why. The posts were continually deleted and then my IP blocked.

s and p 500

LOL–There’s nothing to be gained from deleting comments with opposing views. Anti-union comments will be subjected to a lot of angry rebuttals for the enjoyment of the union types. Some of the union types are so deluded that opposing views aren’t going to sway them. I’m amazed how many K-12 teachers out there think that someday budget cuts will be restored and that unfunded pensions are a phantom number that has no meaning.

Fred Klonsky is no radical. He is merely a hypocritical cog in the institutional machine from which he benefited yet claims to be separate from. He complains about tax fairness yet pays no state income taxes on his spiked pension. He complains about corporate America yet defends unions who are just as corporate in nature and just as politically wealthy. He talks civil rights but resides in a Chicago neighborhood with a minimal African-American population and taught at a rich, mostly white suburban school district. And he gets all strung out on the evils of Wall Street yet his entire pension is invested in Wall Street. That’s… Read more »
Bruce Ross

I read the opposite views to keep current on their perspectives. Maybe we’re better off just letting some of these groups just congregate in their own echo chambers and see how far off the rails they go. Maybe we should copy their comments and show middle of the road taxpayers what the Capital Fax folks think about taxpayer dollars. Turn the light on and turn the volume up.


Amen. Rich is a XXXX, public union stooge. Idiots like Oswego Willy that spend their whole day commenting on his site are so biased and dumb it makes my head hurt. I will not even go there anymore. Willy also likes to say he is not part of a public union, which is of course a lie. Either it is a lie, or he is just mentally retarded. Most likely both actually.


I love reading the comments at the Capitol Fax! The steady stream of thoughts from Public Sector union members, throughout the workday, exuding the benefits of more revenues needed for pensions. Also, I wish the Inspector General would conduct an audit of how many hours a day that state resources are being used to comment on that site.


This is a great website for IL employees salaries. Need to got to FY ‘16 for annual salary:

The reason I don’t have comments on my blog is because I didn’t want to deal with the inevitable spam & stalkers (had one on a prior blog). Unlike you, I don’t have an issue with blogs/news sites that delete whatever they want to. It’s their place. If they don’t want to get any contradicting comments, that will become clear quite quickly. If they don’t want to hear disconfirming info, won’t it be quite the surprise when things turn against them (cf: the Cook County Soda Tax….more in a post at my blog tomorrow). I am hopeful for the Janus case, and it will be quite amusing… Read more »
Jeff Carter

Use, that’s what I use on my blog.