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It would have provided money for community colleges and universities, as well as grant money for poor students. But it also had no revenue source.


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I assume madigan puts these things out there thinking his constituents are so clueless they don’t know what “out of money” means. And so they will think Madigan is their shining knight on a white horse thwarted at the gate of the castle by the evil King rauner. But when you are out of money, and you’re not willing to cut back with real reform, and you’re desperate to cover your ass ahead of unkept political promises… This is all you can do. I have not seen a single proposal by Madigan that actually addresses the cost side of operating his government. And that’s simply because his… Read more »
Peter A Quilici
I don’t know if “clueless” is the right word. I think “desperate” is more appropriate. I deal with two family members on gov pensions, one from Chicago Public Schools and the other from Chicago Park District. A third person I deal with regularly collects a CPS pension. They get it. But for them these checks are an existential issue. And they are prepared to throw whoever it takes under the bus to keep the money rolling in. No compromise. No discussion. Destroy Illinois if that is required. And when you look at the number of voters in Cook County with a present or future government pension entitlement… Read more »

Revenue seems so benign. Can’t we call it what it really is? Money from hard working citizens trying to pay their bills paycheck to paycheck.