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Calling passage of a compromise budget plan a matter of “political will,” Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner offered his support for an income tax increase and expanded sales tax as long as the deal permanently freezes local property taxes, caps spending, and overhauls worker’s compensation.

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More taxes always seems to amount to more spending in Illinois. While I understand the position Rauner is in he should remember why he was voted in. No matter what he does will change the usual bunch into voting for him. He should realize that and focus instead on why he was elected in the first place. I for one will vote against him if he supports a tax hike because if I am going to vote for a tax and spend politician, I might as well vote for one that admits that they are going to do so.

bob oriole park
Although there is no money to pay down the state’s massive backlog, Harry said “the governor would be open to financing” to get the backlog down.” I don’t consider borrowing money to pay bills a bargain. This like doing a cash advance on your BOA Visa to pay off your Chase Visa, then next month doing a cash advance on your Chase Visa to pay off your BOA Visa cash advance. I’m willing to bet that if they borrow money they’ll sell bonds to pay off the loan, or if they sell bonds to pay off the bills they’ll sell bonds to pay off the bonds when… Read more »

Agreed. Technically, the “temporary” tax hike to 5% was supposed to be the state using “financing” to pay down the bill backlog. You could consider that 1.25% above the current 3.75% state income tax rate as “financing” over a 4 year term. That 1.25% yielded an extra $5 billion/year for the state, or $20B for its duration. That was more than enough to pay the backlog of bills. Four years was enough time to right-size the budget to 3.75% too. Neither happened.

James Gordon
You guys are both plowing old ground here. These two comments are nothing new and the result of literally decades of IL state politicians pretending that bills owed by the state could be bills deferred through ever more borrowing. That’s true for awhile, but eventually all that’s owed all comes due. Don’t blame those who are owed their due through goods or services rendered; blame the people who acted so irresponsibly in our government to allow us to come to this stage of it! Then, blame the voters who allowed that kind of illogical thinking to exist for many, many decades by voting for those same political… Read more »