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Author Mary Pat Campbell is an actuary who writes about pensions.

Comment: She’s absolutely right that readers want facts, not opinions. We see that here. Our most viewed article in the past year, for example, was on south suburban Chicago property tax rates. Most conventional news sources would reject it as far too long and too jammed with data. Wrong.

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J.A. Herzrent

correction: the detroit arbitration materials are at

J.A. Herzrent
If you are not familiar with it, has done quite a bit of blogging about public pensions, notably in Detroit. If you like to do historical research, the mandatory labor arbitration awards between Detroit and its unions can be accessed at and virtually every arbitration ended up in some union demand being partially granted — even though the city was repeatedly presenting data predicting the collapse of the pension systems (and the city budget) for at least a decade preceding the bankruptcy filing. The collapse was foreseen by labor and management alike but nobody had the political will to take steps that might have prevented… Read more »
bob oriole park

Oops, NOT everything reported here. Meant everything reported in traditional media.

bob oriole park
Readers of your web site want facts. Readers of traditional news sources like the Sun Times want everything distilled to no more than a paragraph, and not too many numbers please. Most everything reported here is tainted by the reporters own opinions. Look at the story by RebelPundit on the failure to report on the Socialists and Communists at the CTU strike. Had a good conversation last week with an out of towner waiting for the El. He was an older gentleman who was somewhat familiar with the city’s problems. It was an eye opener though when I laid facts on him about long term debt, long… Read more »