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By: Mark Glennon*

We’ve switched over to a new software program, so please excuse us if we are down for a bit and you encounter bugs. If you do see any problems we don’t fix, let us know by email linked here. Yes, we will be restoring a comments section.

Cosmetically, it should look pretty much the same as soon as we are finished. However, the new software is more robust and will allow us to add other functionality as we grow. That growth initially will include a separate page with news from other states.

We’re grateful to our ever growing readership and especially to informed, thoughtful commenters who add so much. Sorry if I can’t always respond to emails and comments. We’re having an impact, I’m happy to report.

Please also feel free to share all other comments you have about how to improve and expand our site. We want to maintain a clean, simple means for you to get the highest quality news about our economy and government. Drop us an email anytime.

*Mark Glennon, Founder


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j.a. herzrent

Comment/question on “CPS cancels presentation …” Is there any process under Chapter 9 for creditors to force the debtor into bankruptcy?

Mobile UX: – With the hamburger button, I don’t think you need to list Illinois, Chicago, WP, Media Watch, etc. at the top of page. I’d think you’d want a top line story there anyway or jump right into your content/headlines. At least get rid of Terms of Use. – I like that “Featured Stories” just lists the latest stories by date instead of category. – Where’s the comments section? Might help to add that to main page. Comments can drive repeated traffic, but only if you know someone added/responded Comments UX: – Looks like you cannot make WP comments in article links. – Article headlines don’t… Read more »