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Comment: What a spectacularly stupid bunch of people:

  • They claim they can collect $2.5 billion for Illinois by closing corporate “loopholes,” yet the entire corporate tax collection is also only about $2.5 billion.
  • They equate corporate taxes as taxes on the one-percent, yet corporate taxes in fact ultimately are born broadly by employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers.
  • Of those they want to pay more, they claim, “they use racist fears and assumptions about who benefits from government services to justify cuts.” In other words, “hey you racists, give us more money.”


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bob oriole park

Link below shows who benefits. We have a system that seems rigged to keep people of color in poverty. Anyone that’s driven by a major roadwork project knows what I mean. When was the last time you saw a person of color there? If you did, was that person giving orders or taking them? The few they are forced to hire are always in lower paying positions of being bossed, not being bosses. What the powers that be fear most is people becoming economically independent. Let’s face it, we have 2 Democratic parties in Illinois-one for white people, one for everybody else.