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By: Dalton*


When the Illinois pols who destroyed the state are swamped by news of Illinoisans voting with their feet to leave, they probably know who will try to put out the fire. Greg Hinz is their man.


The Census migration report was a blockbuster today. Illinois’ net loss of residents to other states was 114,000 people for the year, the worst on record for Illinois. As a result, the state population shrank by 37,500; the worst in the nation and the worst ever on record for Illinois. Pennsylvania will likely pass Illinois to become the nation’s fifth largest state as soon as next year. And here’s the kicker: Pennsylvania is also shrinking, Illinois is just shrinking faster!


Hinz, writing in Crains today, spins the census numbers this way:


  • Painting the conversation by saying no state in the northeast or Midwest is doing particularly well without any comparison of Illinois’ migration magnitude or rate with other states from those regions.
  • Associating the losses with cold weather states without any comparison of Illinois’ migration magnitude or rate with other cold-weather states.
  • A shout-out to Chi-town saying Chicago is finally on the rebound according to a one-year Census snapshot that applies only to a select few ritzy neighborhoods in Chicago.
  • A quote from the Illinois Working Together union coalition saying it’s all Governor Rauner’s fault.


No other causes of our shrinking population discussed. No other context or comparison.


The absurdity of Hinz’s bias is as obvious here as ever. Illinois is worse than all surrounding states and Chicago is not doing well if you care about any neighborhoods that aren’t exclusively white or gentrifying white.


Chicago is consistently fighting it out with Detroit for bottom of the barrel population growth compared to other cities. And Chicago will soon be following the bold trail blazed by Detroit to municipal bankruptcy court all due to over-blown and impossible to fund pension obligations on top of reckless spending by a city council that couldn’t pass 6th grade math.


Fresh off of hitting it out of the park with his analysis of migration numbers, will Hinz get back to work accurately covering the state and local pension crises that will soon consume us? Many Illinoisans probably think he will since he’s among the most widely read political reporters in the state.


*”Dalton” is a pseudonym for an individual known to us here at Wirepoints. As part of our expansion we expect to be running more guest articles like this and some will be from authors we respect who wish to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

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Hinz is increasingly looking like Saddam’s spokesperson who said they were winning the war.


For whom is Hinz writing? I happened to be browsing in several small stores yesterday. Each had a radio on, tuned to a middle-of-the-road to liberal station. On each, the hosts acknowledged that people are leaving because of taxes. I really don’t know who’s buying the spin anymore. And those spinning look increasingly ridiculous!


Good article and hope to see more. Mr. Glennon, I think it’s good to allow guests to use a pen name. You will get more guests here because so many around here fear revenge from Chicago politicians. As long as you know them or fact check them to avoid the fake news thing, which I know you will.

this is true. more than true.


Hinz & Crains should be ashamed of themselves. Good article Dalton.