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By: Mark Glennon*


If Bruce Rauner beats Pat Quinn in November it will be by a small margin — probably less than five percent. That’s been a widely accepted reality for a long time because Illinois is so heavily Democratic and Cook County Democratic turnout work, both legal and illegal, is so effective. That’s especially clear in light of the poll released today showing Quinn with an eleven point lead over Rauner.


And that poll shows Chad Grimm of the Libertarian Party getting five percent, probably all of which comes at Rauner’s expense.


Here’s what we know about Chad Grimm: almost nothing. Linked here are his campaign website, LinkedIn profile and Project Vote Smart pages.


He is a manager at Gold’s Gym. He has held no public office, but ran and lost for the Illinois General Assembly and the Peoria City Council. Born in Peoria and raised in Chicago, he attended Harper College and apparently received no degree. There’s almost nothing on him in the news media aside from the controversy associated with his getting on the ballot.


He wants to entirely eliminate the state income tax, end public funding of education, and is strongly against regulation of drugs and guns. He would allow students to bring automatic weapons into schools, saying, “Could you imagine how fantastic that would be? Because they could defend themselves against the people who walk in there and want to shoot everybody else in the school. There might be somebody there to defend all the innocent people.”


He will lose, but his effect on the Quinn/Rauner vote might well determine the fate of Illinois.


UPDATE: A court has rejected a challenge to keep him off the ballot.


Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints*


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