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Rahm Emanuel’s last-ditch effort to keep the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago comes at a cost: tearing down McCormick Place’s Lakeside Center and its substantial exhibit space.

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I often run convention booths for my company. In Orlando they treat us like kings. In Chicago they treat us like dirt. In Orlando we can carry our own cases of Water into the booth. In Chicago we have to buy it at inflated price from venue then only a union rigger can carry it in. In Orlando we can set up our own computers in Chicago a union electrician has to plug it in at 100 bucks. At dinner time in Orlando the wait staff greets our convention with a thank you gauntlet and song sung. In Chicago you can’t get served. In Orlando the weather… Read more »
Tom --trade show advertising

This is a completely ridiculous idea. At a time when convention business in Chicago is struggling to keep up with now three or four tough competitors– we are going to tear down a popular and well used building? Absolutely nuts. And for what? A building that doesnt need to be at that location and has nothing to do with the convention business. The museum can go anywhere– it shouldn’t be there.