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Changes to the state constitution must be approved by both chambers by week’s end in order for voters to have their say this fall.

Comment: The most needed one isn’t even up for discussion — deletion of the pension protection clause. It’s not clear whether that would work, but the state should be pursing any and all possible avenues to address pensions.

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J.A. Herzrent
Could they put the two together (graduated tax and pension clause) so that specific revenues from the additional tax would be earmarked for state pensions and the pensions could be cut back on an equitable basis based on the future funded level of the plan? Such an amendment would probably be challenged but so also would an amendment removing the constitutional protection. Simply removing the constitutional protection for new hires would result in the pension millionaires depleting all the assets in the next ten years or so. The legal challenges might be anticipated by making the amendment effective only at such time as the Illinois Supreme Court… Read more »