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By: Mark Glennon*


The acting secretary of human services in Springfield signed a $20,000 consulting contract to develop a plan and timeline for a department program that helps the mentally ill and developmentally disabled to get jobs.


The contract was with Dartmouth, where Governor Rauner went to school, so that’s a scandal, as Dan Mihalopoulos at the Sun-Times sees it. It was a no-bid contract, he says, but he provides nothing to indicate that’s improper for a contract so small. It was signed by “Rauner’s aides” as a way to make him happy, he says, but provides nothing to contradict Rauner’s office’s claim that nobody there was even aware of the contract.


Rauner and Dartmouth are rich, and Rauner has given a boatload of money to Dartmouth, Mihalopoulus says, so the state shouldn’t pay the bill, he tells us.


How this kind of story can get past an editor is a mystery to me.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.



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It was his column. No editor. It is opinion, just like everything you write. Every university in IL could do, and has done (U of C has done dozens already for the state), these studies, and if you think they weren’t, at the least, kissing up to the boss, I have a bridge for you. The contract is .00005 of 1% of just the gain last year on its $4.5 B endowment. They apparently never heard of in-kind, for an 8 page memo. Don