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Some politicians try to catch flies with honey. Chicago Ald. John Arena (D-45th) douses them with vinegar:

“I am not ready to cead (sic) this country to the racist, classist, knuckle-dragging and generally subhuman puddle of DNA that makes up the base of (President Donald) Trump supporters,” he recently wrote recently.


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There’s many cops and fireman that live in his district.


Insulting the public is always a bad idea, even the ones that don’t vote for you. The “deplorable” comment by Hillary lost her the presidency.


Good point, and screwing Bernie Sanders gave the election to Trump.

bob oriole park

Sounds more like he’s describing who’s moving in there.


Arena has been a SEIU/AFSCME/CTU mouthpiece for years now, so preaching to his choir is nothing new. I will give him points for knowing “cede” didn’t start with an “s”. Baby steps…