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Rep. Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) questions Madigan lieutenant, House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, on the budget passed yesterday. The 500 page budget was crammed through at the close of the day and members had just 30 minutes to review it. Currie stonewalls but clearly doesn’t know, or won’t say, how badly the budget is unbalanced. VIDEO LINKED HERE.

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bob oriole park

How can someone be so freaking stupid and be allowed to hold office? Does your IQ have to be below 70 before you can be a Democrat? Sure looks that way. She does a great job of deflecting blame and changing the topic.

terry L from Springfield

Don’t kid yourself. She is smart, an insider, and has worked on budgets for 30 years or more. BFC knows exactly what’s in there and how much it is out of balance. It’all part of the strategy to force a “Rauner income tax increases”. peoples’ memories are too short — the only public official who lost his job when the income tax was implemented in1969 was Gov Oglivie. BFCand Madigan know their members won’t pay the price for that. The Gov will.