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According to 2014 data from Truth in Accounting’s State Data Lab, Illinois’ spending on Medicaid was almost double the national average ($15.66 billion versus ~$8.72 billion). The state also reported a high Medicaid enrollment rate (24.98 percent of the state population in 2014, as opposed to the national average of 19.45 percent).

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John C.
This should not surprise anyone. Look back over the last decade to the many times Blago and Pat Quinn were actually bragging about adding thousands of names to the Medicaid rolls. Kid-Care, Obamacare– on and on. That pattern is one of the best examples of the mindset of the Democrats in Sprinfield– they are proud that so many people are poor enough to get free medical care. They are proud of the fact that taxpayers have to pay for it. They brag about expanding the handout for everyone mentality. They actually issue press releases boasting about things that rational people would be ashamed of.