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Part of a $5.06 billion national settlement over allegedly misrepresented mortgage-backed securities.

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Two things come to mind: drop and bucket. It’s a big bucket and that drop ain’t going to do a whole lot to solve the problem.

The longest journey begins with a single step. Then there are those too meek to realize that …and thier stuck in thier small little worlds…affraid to take a single step towards a long journey. Several small steps can accumulate. Tier 2 reform, Cullerton model, incentivising buy outs, collective bargaining strategies….to name a few….others will emerge. The arguement that a step in the right direction was too small a step, is beyond foolish. We all know a single step can be followed by another step and yet another step. Continuing progress is whats needed. Or we whine, its too far, its too big, we cant do it….waaaaaaaaaaa…..its to… Read more »