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Adding official injury to 21 months of insult, Moody’s issued a report on Illinois universities and community colleges. “Illinois will fare worse than its regional and national peers with decreasing numbers of high school students over the next 15 years. … Illinois is already a net exporter of high school graduates with net out migration of nearly 17,000 students in fall 2014, the second highest of any state in the country,” a release said.

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All forms of payment to government or its institutions now go mostly to pensions, that includes tuition, water bills. Nothing is for what it’s meant to support, education, better water pipes, etc. the democrats big vote buying system gets priority.

Art in Lake County

I have read in other articles that the vast majority of the money these universities get from the State goes straight into the pension funds. If so, are these schools just pandering for funding for their pension plan? Or are they truly cutting education programs? If they are cutting, is the reason to accomplish the pension funding at the expense of educating students? Certainly agree with Rauner on the ridiculous growth in the university bureaucracy. Even the students shake their heads at the waste, and realize it does not help them on their educational journey.


What causes state colleges to not be able to fund their operations based on tuitions?