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Comment: Why, yes, Senator Biss, that would be nice. So, where is it? You’ve offered mostly just unfunded mandates on employers, higher taxes and half-backed pension ideas. Unlike most of your colleagues you don’t have the excuse of being stupid, so let’s hear something concrete besides “invest in education.” We have a crisis now, thanks mostly to your party, so put up.


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Someone needs to tell him Their new reform agenda needs to be a financial reform agenda not a better platitude/marketing agenda for convincing voters they are not taxed enough or not paying their “fair share”. So far the financial agenda of that party is all on the revenue and borrowing side. Ultimately their financial reform agenda is to have the kids pay for it over their working lives. I know it’s a time shifting agenda. An illusion of all bills are paid today, but when the kids grow up in Illinois they find a stack of bills and a ruined credit rating for their kids. Reforming the… Read more »