Sunday, May 28, 2017

Illinois Highlighted Stories

Illinois Highlighted Stories Continued

Illinois Senate Democrats twerk taxpayers with latest budget attempt – Belleville News-Democrat

"It is just a performance." Illinoisans are overwhelmingly against what is coming out of the statehouse. The state budget impasse is worrying 94 percent of Illinoisans and 67 percent said their families have been directly impacted, according to a new poll of voters by the Illinois Policy Institute. Nearly two-thirds are against raising the state income tax. Half want cuts as the only tool to close the budget gap and half are against an income tax hike even with property tax relief.

Illinois is going to hell, and we don’t even have a handbasket – Editorial – Crain’s

Comment: At least they got the headline right. As for the rest, what they don't understand is that not having a budget isn't the cause of our problems. It's just one of the results.

Popular Chicago floating and sensory deprivation studio coming to Schererville – NWI Times

A floating and sensory deprivation studio has proven popular in Chicago's River North neighborhood, getting booked weeks in advanced and lining up notable clients like Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews.

‘Termination Of A Race’: Black Unemployment At Crisis Levels, Leaders Say – DNAinfo Chicago

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. was joined by city, county and federal politicians Friday pledging to focus on improving the issues put in stark relief by an analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute.

College students were fleeing Illinois long before the budget impasse – Illinois Policy

Illinois lost 195,000 more college-bound students than it gained from 2000-2014.

Chicago Teachers Union Pet: South Suburbs’ Hutchinson leads charge for CPS bailout – South Cook News

State Sen Toi Hutchinson (D-Olympia Fields) doesn't represent the City of Chicago. But she's isn't shy about her support for Chicago's public schools.

Unbelievable: Illinois House Votes With Senate To Hand Over Public Assets To Bondholders – Wirepoints Original

Watch the video of the bill's sponsor, Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, lying shamelessly about its purpose.

The illogical reason your electricity bills are going up – Crain’s

Much of it is actually quite logical, though foolish. The cost of the renewable energy elements in that Com Ed bill went entirely unmeasured. Neighboring states rejected similar proposals because the cost is in the billions, effectively a regressive tax on consumers.

Chicago mom honored as a ‘superhero’ for fight against city violence – Chicago Tribune

"There are no days off," Manasseh said. "I didn't start out to be an activist; I'm not an activist. I'm just a mom."

Majority of Illinois Cities Are Shrinking – Illinois Policy

While major headlines broke over news that Chicago was the only one of America’s largest 20 cities to shrink from July 2015 to July 2016, most of Illinois’ other cities with 50,000 people or more also lost population.

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