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By: Mark Glennon*


I was at the Illinois GOP event at the Palmer House in Chicago Friday night, which was the other target of protesters along with Donald Trump’s cancelled event at UIC. Before going, I read an email from my U.S. Congresswoman, Jan Schakowky, calling for protests at both events. It read:


Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner, and Ted Cruz are going to descend on Chicago to spread their message of intolerance, racism, and hate. We need to stand up to their disgusting rhetoric and remind them that Chicago won’t tolerate the garbage they are spewing.


I saw plenty of hate, but it was outside the event and not in it. Protesters were rabid and as incendiary as Schackowsky’s email. “Gang of Hate,” “Racism” and “Bigotry” said most of the signs and chanting.


Exactly what is it that makes the attendees hateful racists, as they see it? Presumably, immigration, primarily. But does it matter that every major Illinois politician in both parties supports comprehensive immigration reform including a path to normalization? Nah. Can’t let facts get in the way of the narrative of hatred and bigotry. Bipartisan, broad consensus on immigration and normalization is an untold story in Illinois, affirmed with support of faith groups, immigrant rights groups, business leaders, university officials and virtually all major officeholders, including Governor Rauner.


Illinois officeholders speaking at the event included Congressmen Dold and LaHood, Senator Kirk and Governor Rauner. Each of their talks prioritized ideas for jobs and opportunity for the poor and middle class. Just more hateful bigotry to some, apparently.


One journalist on the left who got this right is Mark Brown of the Sun-Times. No fan of Trump, he wrote today, “Protesters can’t blame Trump crowd for this ugliness.” He’s right. Trump shares blame for some of the stupid and inflammatory things he has said, but the protests themselves were an orgy of vicious race-baiting and hate-baiting.


race baiting

“Race-baiting” has been defined as the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people. “Hate-baiting” should be a defined term, too. Just substitute the word, “hate” for “race” in that definition. You see it all the time now, including from critics of us here. “Haters gonna hate” is the response we’ve heard even in response to stories on public pensions.


When I came home, I checked the mail and looked at the reassessment notice on my home. Another 20% increase. Increases like that are maddening for me, but ruinous for people like the tens of thousands of working class black families in Chicago suburbs, who have already had their homes all but confiscated by property taxes, as we documented here. Which side insists on capping regressive property taxes? Those hateful bigots inside the Palmer House event. I then looked at a story on local unemployment numbers. I didn’t finish it. Tough to think about attracting employers after Chicago disgraced itself so badly.


“We won!” came the chant from the hundreds in the street, wrote Mark Brown. He added, “I don’t think so.”


I don’t think so, either.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.




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The Left has become totally unhinged from reality and they’re taking their hatred out on anyone who disagrees with them on immigration, global warming, taxing the ‘rich’ , and corporations more and more, institutional racism……… name it……..the Left has completely lost it, and most of the media’s in their camp which makes it even worse

There is no such thing as tolerance anymore. Jan Schakowsky is a hateful person. Viewing election results on Wed morning, Ken Dunkin loses. That sent a message to every Democrat not to think out of the box-don’t buck the Machine. Alvarez falls on the sword for Emanuel. Watch her career-in a year, she will get an appointment to some office. Bernie crushes Hillary all over the state-but not in Chicago where the Machine won the state for her.

I think it might be curtains for Illinois.


What’s with the rhetoric coming from our elected officials? Can a governor “descend” upon a city within the state in which he governs? Usually “descending” implies that one does not visit all that often, the negative tone notwithstanding. And doesn’t the Rauners’ home in Winnetka also make him and his family constituents of Jan Schakowky? If so, is this the proper tone for a US Representative to speak of the citizens she purports to represent?

I hear the same rhetoric from Harmon in my district, who sounds more interested in painting folks as villains rather than coming up with creative and substantive solutions to our issues.

It won’t be just trump, colleges now make it illegal on campus to express views that don’t tow the socialism line. They ban speakers, they have the campus security investigate students who may have offended another student simply by supporting trump or Cruz, professors fail students who have incorrect beliefs even if they can fully defund them, safe zones for students “triggered” by diverse thought. The protest is nothing more than a manifest of what is already happening on campus.the tactic will be applied to Cruz soon, it will be applied to anyone who believes in limited government and fiscal responsibility. It will even be applied to… Read more »
Roland, City of Chicago

And how embarrassing for the the UIC. It looks like a joke of a higher ed institution. Students should be ashamed to go there. A public university in a diverse metropolitan area is supposed to be a center for free speech and free thinking. To have a mob disrupt a candidate’s event is inexcusable for a university– no matter who the speaker is. Who attacked the police? It wasn’t the Trump supporters. It was a band of thugs– like sanctuary city radicals and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” ignoramuses who the UIC did not control.