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Eric Madiar is Illinois Senate President John Cullerton’s former chief legal counsel. Madiar is now under contract to deal with pension reform.

Comment: Ridiculous. Cullerton and the Dems have no intention of making serious reforms to pensions, and never have.

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The pension sentence was added to the state constitution in 1970 to protect employee and retiree participants.

There are no taxpayer protections in the pension sentence.

What if pension and retiree healthcare benefits were frozen, and salary hikes were frozen or kept to a minimum, until pensions were fully funded?

We would not have underfunded pensions or retiree healthcare.

You will never hear that story from Madiar.

He frames the story to benefit his former employer and current customer, Senate Democrats.

His basic story line, which he presents using different words, is taxpayers have not paid enough to fund pensions, and are welching if they don’t make up the shortfall.

J.A. Herzrent
All creative ideas are welcome. Two prolems with yours. First, the union contracts with built-in pay increases etc. are also contracts that cannot be “impaired” according to the supreme court. Also, the 3% COLA on pensions is part of the contract for every public employee once he or she has retired. For cities and smaller pubitlic entities, bankruptcy is the answer. For the state of Illinois, with the current Supreme Court, it looks like the problem will stop only when the pension funds run dry unless the federal law is amended to permit states to go through bankruptcy. If voters and municipal governing bodies would stand firm… Read more »