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“This is uncharted. Very rarely except on panels at conferences would you have this sort of open debate or defensiveness.”

Comment: Cat fight! This is about as entertaining as it will get in the dull world of municipal finance.

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Rahm is a market maker that sells the taxpayers of today and the future as a commodity. To him the taxpayers are just collateral for more borrowed cash needed to feed a government that awarded itself largess that fewer taxpayers will ever match or get constitutionally protected. Taxpayers have not seen real income growth for 15 years, yet the government sector has in every way seen it, on money borrowed from our kids in markets driven by tax increases. It’s sickening to me that these ratings all of them squabble over are nothing more than ratings of how probable it is for the issuer to raise taxes.… Read more »

Let’s see how fast Tiny Dancer jumps all over this one to support his delusional thinking.