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Failing to decide about how to fix our sorry state is deciding to fail. So why do our legislators focus more on social welfare programs, while lacking the necessary revenue to fund them, than attracting job creators who would create taxpayers by putting them to work?

Somehow, people hope, it will all work out in the end. But how long will that take? Too many people and employers aren’t sticking around to find out.

Comment: A particularly fine editorial.


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I’ll answer that question…. They focus on social welfare because that subject is a good political diversion and a device to divide voters and provide that “old reliable” in all their arguments and that is the necessity to create a victim and a villain. Illinois politicians are not about running a state, they are about carving out constituencies the biggest being the govt Union sector, behind that vendors that can easily be made into victims of the budget, like contracted social workers, those are useful tools. Is commonwealth Edison a “victim” because they have not been paid either? No, they are not as useful a tool as… Read more »