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Rep. Dwight Kay questions Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, House Speaker Michael Madigan’s main lieutenant, on Madigan’s budget. Watch the whole thing. The 800k hits were on Illinois’ Policy’s link to it.

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Fred S ==retired in Oak Park
When you listen to BFC’s answers, it is just infuriating. She is uninformed, evasive, lying, snide– and on and on. You would think it cant get worse. But then when the camera shifts to show her pompous demeanor, asking her staff person what the answers are–it does get worse and it makes you throw up. What kind of taxpayer would vote for representation like this. These are not small numbers. It is just sickening to see these people in action. And I am a Democrat. I dont even know who that Republican rep is, but his questions are pretty simple. And the answers are a disgrace.