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By: Mark Glennon*


It would take the equivalent of loading over 500 trains to ship all of Illinois’ illegal aliens out. Nationally, it would take over 30,000 trains using Donald Trump’s number of illegals here.


More than seven times the number of Albanians who Serbs tried to force out of Kosova in 1999 would be forcibly removed from the United States if Trump had his way. Not since World War II has so large an ethnic cleansing as Donald Trump wants been attempted.


The depravity of separating or removing millions of families would be matched by the stupidity of trying it. The disgust that led to NATO military action with multinational backing to stop Kosova’s ethnic cleansing would surge across America. No army would be needed here because Americans would neither enforce it nor permit its enforcement. If they ever did, it would take decades, maybe centuries, for America to recapture whatever respect is has now in the world.


Face it. They’re illegals, but we all know they were admitted under ambiguous circumstances with a wink and a nod. Many states, rightly or wrongly, grant them financial help, drivers licenses and other accommodations. Some of us object to that and some of us don’t, but the fact remains that the country as a whole has been two-faced about it. And we all know why America has been two-faced about it. For some, it meant eventually more Democratic voters and for others it meant needed labor. That includes conservative Texas, where the labor was always welcome and a close affinity with Mexicans is deeper than commonly known.  The Wall Street Journal editorialized for an open border with Mexico. As for Illinois, make no mistake — more jobs isn’t the entire answer for the economy. Too many of us simply won’t take many jobs Mexican immigrants will. That’s why they’re here.


Comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to normalization together with long overdue, real border enforcement is the alternative. It’s the only solution that fairly resolves the two-faced attitude we’ve had and that’s in our own economic interests.


This above all else: We don’t do ethnic cleansings.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.



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mark glennon

Steve- I see that on his site he has now focused on border enforcement and downplayed removal of those here. I was responding to his initial position where he was clear about removal — “they’ll just have to go,” he said, even those who have citizens in their immediate families.
You are certainly right about enforcing the borders. Many to blame for that. It was not just the WSJ that once called for open borders. Some libertarian groups have toyed with it, too, like the Cato Institute.

We’ve had so much illegal and legal immigration over the past __ years, and our welfare state has expanded into housing, food, healthcare, AFDC…..something must be done. And I think it’s a misnomer to call it “ethnic cleansing”……the simple fact of the importance of securing our borders, enforcing our laws and even reducing legal immigration. Trump is not describing that all illegals should be kicked out. He wants to start with the criminals and let Congress debate the next steps. I just looked at the details on his website. This is a problem that has become a disaster for our own citizens’ employment and pay prospects. Utter… Read more »