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bob oriole park
Why aren’t the state “Republicans” stressing the fact both the Senate and House could do as Diane says and pass legislation today? They are cunning-if both parties pass huge tax increases, the anger of the voters will be diffused. If only the D’s vote for it, they face the real threat of revolt in the next elections. The focus would only be on them, not R’s. I’d urge them to let the D’s go it alone and hang for it next election cycle when nothing has been fixed. And I use the word Republicans in quotes because an IL “Republican” is too liberal to even be a… Read more »
Art in Lake County

Kudos to Diane and the Illinois Policy Institute. Some straight talk. So what are Radogno and some other Republican Senators doing? Why would they be attempting to provide air cover for the D’s when the economic future of the state is at stake? We have come to far – we need real reform.