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Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said Thursday she’d be open to a contract from Chicago Public Schools without annual raises, with a caveat that Springfield and the city of Chicago need to step up and find other revenue sources for schools.

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The union should at least agree to give up the 7% pension pick up. That is just wacky, they pay 2% and their “employer match” (the taxpayers) pick up the other $30,000 per resident? they should be paying at least %20 like most people and receive maybe a 6% employer match. Right now, on just a %9 expectation the taxpayer (employer) is matching 7% on their measly 2% commitment?


Translation: Give up possible 2-3% “annual” raises (COLA) at a time when inflation is hovering below 1%, but keep 3-5% step increases (which is technically a yearly raise) and the 7% pension pick-up (which is technically a yearly bonus). I’l pass and take what’s behind the curtain, Monty.

But we’ll need to “step up” and find “other revenue sources”. I’ve got one…a sales tax on union dues.