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A Sangamon County judge’s ruling defending Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s failure to defend the state against wrongful workers’ compensation claims could cost the state.

Comment: This is a horrid decision, allowing disgraceful dereliction of duty by Madigan. The worker’s comp system is widely abused by public employees. It’s an untold scandal.

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Most Chicago cops and many in government routinely take a year or so vacation on “disability”, finding a doctor to write the “bad back” diagnosis is really easy. It’s a use it or you lose it kind of employee benefit, we all pay for. Ask any Chicago cop about it.

J.A. Herzrent
I believe it is also true that certain “duty disability” pensions of public safety workers are not subject to federal income tax. If that is the case, then the doctor’s finding may open the door not only to monetary benefits but also to tax benefits. Well-intentioned tax relief intended for a police officer injured in the line of duty becomes a perk for all who get old enough to experience backaches and flat feet. It is of course a rule of fiduciary conduct that all beneficiaries are treated the same. Therefore if Joe got a pension in 1999, then that sets a precedent for everyone else who… Read more »