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Taxing retirement income is the shocker for me here, not the 40 percent. That would cause a demographic shift, it is way to claw back pension money from govt pensioners. But it will also cause the mailing of many more pension checks to Florida. Retirees with pensions don’t have kids and jobs holding them here, and they frequently want to downsize out of a house, easier to just pack up and go.


Merging the pension funds would have the effect of making all state taxpayers liable for Chicago pensions. Chicago and its school district can go bankrupt if authorized by the state. The state cannot go bankrupt unless federal law is changed. Why would Illinois legislators and the governor expand the liability of the state (and its taxpayers) for unsustainable obligations undertaken by the city and its school district?

Art in Lake County

No mention of reducing spending – just capping further increases. No mention of discontinuing abusive pension practices like four 6s, or using sick time to spike the payout. If these things don’t happen the math doesn’t work. Seems like the Civic Federation has been captured and has decided that ruining Illinois competitively is the best way out. Lost all respect for their leadership.


Radogno is not a strong enough leader to get the true reform topics into the mix. Her vision is only short term.