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Comment: It’s a radical political group masquerading as a union.


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It’s worth noting that most of the neighborhood groups that participated in the “day of action” are on the CTU payroll. According to the last CTU’s filing with the IRS: Kenwood-Oakland Community Org got $60,000. Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Action Now, Logan Square Neighborhood, and Pilsen Alliance each got $30,000. Enlace got $20,000. I’m sure when the 2015-16 IRS filings come out, it’ll show that Assata’s Daughters is on the payroll as well. You get what you pay for.

bob oriole park

Coincidence. CTU approves of Assata’s Daughters goals, and Assata’s Daughters appreciates their teachers. It’s not like CTU is bribing them to get more boots on the ground or anything. Kind of like the state legislators getting campaign donations and next thing you know legislation benefitting their contributors gets passed.