Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Wirepoints delivers both original stories and hand selected articles from other sources about Illinois’ economy and government. We want to be a one-stop source for all news of major importance to Illinois’ economy. We have a particular focus on the state and local fiscal crises. Our frustration with poor coverage of those crises by the regular press was the primary reason for starting this site, and that frustration continues. We try to stick to policy, facts and numbers, not politics.

We don’t hide our perspective as fiscal realists though we try to give due recognition to other viewpoints. We pay special attention to the entrepreneurial sector because we think it represents an especially important source of hope for the state. Financial illiteracy is also a central theme because that problem, rampant among voters and the media, is a root source of many of our problems. Finally, our Media Watch section flags particularly good and bad articles.

Wirepoints contributors include contacts in government and business. We especially appreciate comments, suggestions and tips.

We want this to be a place for independent thinkers who challenge orthodoxy with facts.

We’re not here to make any friends on the left or the right. We call things as we see them.

Mark Glennon, Founder

Recent Glennon Quicktakes

Tax increase not working. Illinois bill backlog hits record $16.3 billion.

Illinois' tax-increase-with-no-reforms would "save the state," some supporters told us. Others claimed the new tax increases would cap growth of the unpaid bill balance: "We've...

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Still no reporting on state’s largest pension report

It's no wonder so many Illinoisans remain in the dark on the severity of our pension crisis. On October 6 Illinois published its 900-page Biennial...

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Recent Wirepoints Originals

Audio: Wirepoints Founder Mark Glennon on the Latest in Illinois, Chicago Fiscal Disaster

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New Report: Illinois Pension Unfunded Liabilities Worsened By $17 Billion In A Year – Wirepoints Original

A comprehensive, apples-to-apples report on all 671 pensions in Illinois.

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Selectively Deleting Comments is Dishonest – Wirepoints Original

Selectively deleting comments is among the ways of bias. We have two conspicuous offenders in Illinois. It’s dishonest and wrong.

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That Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Ruling Will Have Implications for Illinois – Wirepoints Original

Dry stuff for some, but this will be critical in Illinois, sooner or later.

Is Illinois’ New Budget Balanced? Oh, Please. – Wirepoints Original

Remember the surge of relief in early July when so many celebrated passage of a "balanced budget"? Well, never mind.

Court-Ordered Taxes For Pensions Begin In Illinois; Litigation Turmoil Looms – Wirepoints Original

With effective property tax rates already 5.7%, Harvey is a bloodless turnip. Where else will the courts order higher taxes?