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By: Mark Glennon*


I’ve never marched in a protest before, but this one’s important — and personal.


A woman in my area has organized a demonstration for Tuesday calling for criminal prosecutions over the program to incite violence to stifle political activity, which was recently exposed in the Project Veritas videos. Lives were put at risk. Homeless and mentally ill people were among those paid to start fights. The primary video is linked here. The video is “absolutely prima facie evidence of criminal activity,” according to Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova. That seems right to me, yet we’ve heard not a peep from federal or local law enforcement.


If you don’t find that frightening, I’d be wasting my time trying to explain. I called the organizer of the protest, Suzzanne Monk, to get further information and ask about her motives. “I don’t want to live in a country where inciting violence to stop political activity goes unchallenged,” she said. She understands. She’s expecting Democrats and Republicans to join the march. I believe she’s a Trump fan. I’m not. That doesn’t matter.


It’s personal for me because the core of the operation exposed in the videos is in my area. Robert Creamer of Evanston is the individual who coordinated the operation, the videos indicate. He’s the husband of my Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky. Creamer is already a convicted felon and has decades of vile history in political operations, which you can easily find on the Web.


Schakowsky is no better. There’s every reason to believe that, at the very least, she knew about Creamer’s operation and could have stopped it. In fact, for reasons I wrote about last week, the evidence leaves no doubt in my mind that she participated in the same tactics. Her campaign is a client of her husband’s company, Democracy Partners, which is the key organization in the video evidence. She has already lied when asked about the scandal, saying nobody did anything wrong and that it’s a “manufactured scandal.” Just watch the video if you think there’s any doubt about whether anybody did anything wrong. And Scott Foval, one of Creamer’s operatives shown in the scandal, was immediately fired, not defended when the video was released.


Schakowsky’s opponent in the election next week will be marching, too — Joan McCarthy Lasonde — but the march will remain nonpartisan, hopefully. I’m proud to have been one of Lasonde’s campaign volunteers in recent months. She’s the only Illinois political figure I know of to call for criminal investigation of the matters shown on the videos. Shame on all the others — in both parties — who are silent. The protest was organized independently from any campaign, and all sides should see fit to join it.


The march starts at Schakowsky’s Evanston office at 820 Davis St. in at 11 am this Tuesday, November 1st, and continues to the Evanston Post Office. There, the protesters will mail formal requests to various law enforcement agencies.


A press release circulated by the organizer is linked here.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.


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Illinois Review.
March 17, 2016.
A Trump supporter tells what happened inside the UIC Pavillion last Friday night.
by Suzanne Monk.


Hope it’s well covered by media!